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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Move out is by 12:00PM (noon) on July 25th unless otherwise discussed with Danielle and all entry door keys should be returned prior to that time or call to schedule a meet up on move out day.
  2. Please leave all bedroom door keys in your bedroom doors, please also check that the key you leave is the actual key that unlocks your door.  If you leave a key that does not operate the lock, you will be charged a rekey fee
  3. Please remove all personal belongings from the house and the property. 
  4. Please clean your house before returning your keys.  Excessive dirtiness and debris will result in charges against the deposit.
  5. If no damages are present, the house is clean and you have no outstanding invoices, your security deposit will be returned within 30 days of moveout. 
  6. Please ensure the security deposit return form is completed and signed by all roommates.  It can be found in your dotloop account which was sent by email.
  7. Please lock all of the house entry doors and close and lock all windows when you leave the house for the final time.  
  8. Please cancel your Consumers Energy account and the City water/sewer account for July 25th.
  9. Please complete a change of address form with the USPS for your mail and update your Amazon account with your new shipping address.
  10. Please take any routers/modems with you for return to your provider.  If they are left in the house we dispose of them.

Please reach out if you have any questions.

In order to ensure that you and your roommates are able to get keys for move in day, please see the list below:
  1. All leases and addendums have been signed and notarized guarantors forms have been received.
  2. All open invoices in Innago have been paid.
  3. Consumers Energy gas and electric services have been transferred into one of your names and the third party notification form sent to you via dotloop has been completed.
  4. Kalamazoo City Water and Sewer services have been transferred into one of your names
  5. Contact Danielle at 269.217.6103 or Melody at 269.207.7894 for your move-in appointment and key transfer.
  6. Add Dave Marschke to your phone contacts as he handles all maintenance issues-269.720.4639
  7. Add Cam with Craft Mechanical to your phone contacts as he handles all heating and cooling issues-269.348.0974